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 118-PC-01SC Flood Inundation MappingRandall Mungo
 218-CM-01Risk-Based Inspection ProgramKit Scott
 318-PC-05Evaluating the Construction Cost and Schedule Impacts of SCDOT’s Traffic Control RestrictionsMark Anthony
 418-IP-01Utilization of Traffic Speed Deflectometer (TSO) for Pavement ManagementJay Thompson
 518-PC-03South Carolina StreamStats Phase II: Additional Tools and Layers for Enhanced Workflow and EfficiencyThomas Knight
 618-CM-02Optimization of Cement Modified Recycled Base (CMRB) Mixture DesignJay Thompson
 718-CM-05Impact of Utility Delays on Project DeliveryCedric Keitt
 818-PC-02Create a Standardized Scope of Services TemplateJennifer Necker
 918-MB-03Investigation and Assessment of Effective Patching Materials for Concrete Bridge DecksDavid Rogers
 1018-MB-04Safe and Cost-Effective Reduction of Load Postings for South Carolina BridgesMark Hunter